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Preparing To Move To A Retirement Community

When an elderly person starts displaying signs of difficulty in doing simple tasks around the home, moving to a retirement community sun city center fl may be a good idea. They will receive great care in a community setting where they will enjoy themselves without risk to themselves. Here are some of the preparations that will need to be made before moving to an assisted living fl community.

First, someone will need to speak with the elderly person about why they think moving would be a good idea. They may be upset with this decision at first. Listen to their concerns and be sympathetic with their feelings. Offer to take a trip to an assisted living community with them to take a look at the rooms and grounds. They may find the idea a bit easier once they have witnessed what the community looks like.

Walk around the property, getting a feel for the surroundings. Have the elderly person meet some of the staff members and others who live at the community. Encourage them to ask questions about the living situation to help them feel more at ease. Being familiar with the layout and the rules may make them change their mind about the situation. Check out some of the amenities offered as well. This would include the cafeteria and any activities to be enjoyed.

When a community is selected, the elderly person will need to start consolidating their personal items. Not everything can go to the new home. Have them give away furniture and items they will not be needing. Things that they do not wish to give up can be placed in a storage unit temporarily. Once they get used to their new home they may decide to give away some of these items as well.

Pack a calendar and place dates on it specifying when family and friends will be visiting. Give the elderly person some photographs to hang on their walls as well. These small gestures will help them during the first few days when they are getting used to their new living quarters. Have them sign up for an activity or two to try out when they first move in. Staying social will help them become accustomed to their new neighbors.